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TransPod Ultra-High-Speed Tube Transportation: Dynamics of Vehicles and Infrastructure

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The following innovations are being developed by TransPod Research, in collaboration with university and industrial partners.


Re-Inventing Global Transportation

A new class of aerospace vehicle, for passenger and cargo transport, using ultra-high-speed guidance/control and propulsion. Fossil fuel free, 1000km/h+.

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Aircraft Avionics

World's first aircraft system to reduce vehicle weight, by sharing communication signals over power wiring.

This new innovation is called "aerospace power-line-communication".

Structural Dynamics Monitoring using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence system for aircraft, marine, sound/audio, and fluid-dynamics, to extract patterns from vibrations and deformations. This system uses fuzzy logic support support vector machine, and can provide a real-time control output motors, actuators, monitoring, and research.

D2R High Dynamic Range Sensing

Enhanced Construction Techniques: Improved welding, made possible by extreme dynamic range sensing, providing welders with real-time augmented-reality video feeds of their work.

Research Paper explaining HDR welding

Real time control systems

Vehicle control systems can now take advantage of swarm modulation to achieve enhanced real-time control, by detecting previously-undetected hidden signatures in high-speed sensor data. Swarm modulation is the next generation after amplitude modulation (AM) and frequency modulation (FM).

Artificial Intelligence for Turbulence & Acoustics

Artificial Intelligence system for aircraft, marine, sound/audio, and fluid-dynamics, to extract patterns from turbulence and sound waves. More to be announced.

Veillance Flux

High-speed vehicle control systems use veillance flux to map out sensors and sensor readings on the vehicle and throughout the tube. Veillance flux is a new branch of physics (inverse optics), to track the capacity to sense moving through space.

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