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TransPod Ultra-High-Speed Tube Transportation: Dynamics of Vehicles and Infrastructure

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The following patent-pending technologies are being developed for operation of the TransPod system. They will have immense impact on existing technologies, with applications in aerospace, railway, automotive and more industries.

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Smart vehicle guidance and control system. The JetGlide system's advantages include increased safety, reduced maintenance costs and increased lifetime of vehicles with reduced vibration, and increased passenger comfort.

Industry applications:

  • Railway
  • Spacecraft
  • Automotive vehicles
  • Sensing systems and signal processing

Quantum Power

Power transfer system for high-speed applications. Advantages include reduced transient interruptions in power, reduced maintenance of tunnels compared to traditional power pickups, increased safety and protection of wayside railway equipment from failure and damage.

Industry applications:

  • Railway
  • Spacecraft and satellite shielding
  • Operations in low-pressure environments such as space


The following innovations are being developed by TransPod Research, in collaboration with university and industrial partners.


Re-Inventing Global Transportation

A new class of aerospace vehicle, for passenger and cargo transport, using ultra-high-speed guidance/control and propulsion. Fossil fuel free, 1000km/h+.

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Aircraft Avionics

World's first aircraft system to reduce vehicle weight, by sharing communication signals over power wiring.

This new innovation is called "aerospace power-line-communication".

Structural Dynamics Monitoring using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence system for aircraft, marine, sound/audio, and fluid-dynamics, to extract patterns from vibrations and deformations. This system uses fuzzy logic support support vector machine, and can provide a real-time control output motors, actuators, monitoring, and research.

D2R High Dynamic Range Sensing

Enhanced Construction Techniques: Improved welding, made possible by extreme dynamic range sensing, providing welders with real-time augmented-reality video feeds of their work.

Research Paper explaining HDR welding

Real time control systems

Vehicle control systems can now take advantage of swarm modulation to achieve enhanced real-time control, by detecting previously-undetected hidden signatures in high-speed sensor data. Swarm modulation is the next generation after amplitude modulation (AM) and frequency modulation (FM).

Artificial Intelligence for Turbulence & Acoustics

Artificial Intelligence system for aircraft, marine, sound/audio, and fluid-dynamics, to extract patterns from turbulence and sound waves. More to be announced.

Veillance Flux

High-speed vehicle control systems use veillance flux to map out sensors and sensor readings on the vehicle and throughout the tube. Veillance flux is a new branch of physics (inverse optics), to track the capacity to sense moving through space.

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